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Snatch Block Tajfun PS 130

Tajfun PS 130 + Load Belt 6.6′

Tajfun PS 130 + Load Belt 9.9′

Designed for winches with pulling power up to 14,500 lbs and use with Load Belt, designed especially for operations with Snatch Block 130 and winches.

•High load capacity

•Easy operation even in hard accessible terrain

•Low weight and small size compared to existing snatch blocks (light construction)

•SMART lock, which allows fast and simple pulley side opening

•Combination of human friendly top quality materials

•Modern innovative design

Load Capacity 29,200 Ibs

Break Force 58,450 Ibs

Weight 5 Ibs

Load Belt

• Available as a package (snatch block and load belt)

Length 6.6′ 9.9’

Weight 30,865 Ibs 30,865 Ibs

Load Capacity 7.7 Ibs 9.7 Ibs

Tajfun KIS 200 Radio Remote Control

​The Tajfun KIS 200 Radio Remote Control is a high quality two-way system for controlling various machines and for obtaining information from the machine.


•A range of 655 ft

•Two-way communication on display

•Command and data display on LCD screen

•LCD screen active at -22°F

•Two proportional joysticks

•Possibility of additional modular antenna for better communication

•Interchangeable battery pack

B&B F 10 Radio Remote Control

​B&B F10 ET and DT

•New shape allows optimum body fit in all situations

•Large control panel, inclined control panel, integrated safety belt ribbon

•Plastic high hardness construction with rubber coated edges

•More carrying options (on hip, chest or abdomen)

•Replaceable ordinary batteries (AA); high quality Sanyo Eneloop batteries are included

•Two way radio technology

•DIN standard compliant Stop and Emergency Switch

•Standard movement and position Sensors

•Optional GPS enabled Emergency Switch

•5 year warranty for registered customers

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