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These winches are compact and powerful.  Whenever you need to pull something in areas where no other equipment will go, whether it's cable, a log, big game, a vehicle, or anything else; you now have access to 2200 lb single line of portable pulling power!

​Many more winches options available, call Rick for more details!


PSW 5000

The perfect winch for foresters as it is lightweight (35lb).

Honda 4 stroke engine.

It offers great power and two speed options​​​​.

PCW 3000

The ideal winch for hunters and it is ​only weighs 20lbs.  Out of reach game not longer exists, thanks to this new technology.

PCW5000-FK - Forestry Assortment

​In order to facilitate the use of the Portable WinchTM in the woods, this forestry assortment  will work together to help you face the many situations you will encounter in the bush.

PCW5000 - Gas-powered pulling winch. Max. pulling force: 1000 kg.

PCA-1215M - DBP Rope - 12 mm x 50 m.

PCA-1255 - Small bag - Holds 50 m.

PCA-1259 - Polyester sling - 2,44 m.

PCA-1274 - Stainless steel swing side snatch block. 1 aluminium sheave 100 mm diam.

PCA-1276 - Steel oval locking carabiner. 25 kN MBS (2550 kg).

PCA-1282 - Grab hook 7 mm with latch and 3 chain links. Grade 70 - WLL: 2040 kg.

PCA-1290 - Skidding cone for logs up to 50 cm diam.

PCA-1295 - Choker chain 6 mm x 2,1 m with C-hook and steel rod. 5700 kg MBS.

PCW3000-HK - Hunting Assortment

This is the ideal assortment for hunters, boaters, snowmobilers or quad riders and other applications requiring a winch more compact and portable. The PCW3000 is easy to carry over long distances with the designed molded backpack and case.

PCW3000 - Gas-powered portable capstan winch. Max. pulling force 700 kg (1550 lb).

PCA-0102 - Transport case with molded shapes.

PCA-0104 - Molded backpack for transport case (PCA-0102) and rope bag (PCA-0103).

PCA-0103 - Vinyl rope bag for backpack (PCA-0104).

PCA-1205M - Double braided polyester rope - 10 mm x 50 m (3/8'' x 164').

PCA-1275 - Stainless steel swing side snatch block.

PCA-1260 - Polyester sling 50 mm x 1,83 m (2'' x 6').

PCA-1276 - Steel oval locking carabiner.

Portable Winches

Attention Forestry & Hunting enthusiasts!!!