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Details of the Tajfun wood processor

  • All basic function buttons of the machine (left and right loading, cutting, splitting, splitting wedge height and position adjustment, etc.) are located on one single control stick
  • Electrohydraulic steering using the joy stick which is conveniently located on the front side of the machine
  • Lattice for sawdust is located between the splitting wedge and the conveyor
  • Two swinging laps remain in the horizontal position during cutting; once the log is cut, the laps open and the log falls onto the splitting chute
  • The cutting chain stops once the cutting is complete (with the help of a clutch)
  • Oil Cooler is standard-ensuring reliable operation of the firewood processor at higher temperatures
  • Hydraulic lift of the splitting wedge
  • Hydraulic log holder
  • Log loader: Remote control-optional
  • Adjustable conveyor speed button-on the operators side
  • Log lifting control-on the operators side

NEW Tajfun Firewood Processor

Tajfun RCA 480 JOY Processor can handle a 19" diameter log!