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Tajfun Logging Winches Details of Quality

  • Excellent winding of the wire rope - large distance between the upper pulley and the drum centre.
  • The entire Tajfun Logging Winch frame is a steel structure made of high-quality laser cut and robot-welded, powder coated steel.
  • Robust, wide protection blade.
  • Great pulling power and lower load on the drive train thanks to the 3-or 5-disc clutches.
  • User friendly control; stable brake and clutch mechanism that are convenient to operate; the short pulling distance of the clutch rope enable low gear ratios and thus also low clutch wear, tear amd greater saftey.
  • A stable driving mechanism with double reduction at 4 to 10 ton winches provides for an optimal velocity of the wire rope, greater safety and reduce load for the tractor.
  • Pulleys fixed at both ends follow the pull direction also at the highest loads.
  • A large massive rope drum (great capacity of wire rope) with a large core diameter (low loss of pulling force, longer life of the rope.)
  • Massive bearings, sprockets and chain drive chains by world renowned manufacturers.
  • Self-closing continuously adjustable differential band brakes (dead man's device) with great friction surface (low wear and tear).
  • Serially mounted lower pulley and the towing couplings for all Tajfun Logging Winch models
  • A massive blade construction with vertical reinforcement to prevent the logs from slipping sideways.
  • Very simple and quick mounting of the wire rope.
  • Cleaning opening under the drum.
  • Thermally-processed shafts and chain sprockets for optimal mechanical properties and longer service life.
  • Two position attachments of the top link and lower handles (important for small tractors)
  • Pump driven with a multiplying gearbox.
  • Fast and simple linkage by a three-point system.
  • Tajfun offers an extensive user manual for their Logging Winches

All Tajfun Logging winches comply with international saftey regulations

Tajfun Logging Winches

Play the video to the right to watch the Remote Controlled Tajfun Logging Winch at our open house. It was effortless!