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Middleton Equipment Sales can provide you with front mount tractor blades and skid steers as well as rear mount blades.  Uses include but not limited to: snow removal, road grading, landscaping, spreading material, livestock pen cleaning, and general maintenance. 

  • Ideal for residential or commercial snow removal for use on driveways, parking lots, or other large areas.
  • 7.5' and 9' models feature 5* lateral oscillation to allow blade to follow ground contours.
  • Two trip springs for controlled break over in  snow.

  • Blade floats to clean uneven surfaces
  • Reinforced 21" or 27" high 10- gauge mold boards provide long service life.
  • 3/8" X 6" cutting edge of 1044 Steel.
  • Blade locks for grading loose dirt or gravel.

  • Step-through design allows for easy access to skid steer seat.
  • Quick hook up on skid steers or front loaders equipped with "universal" mounting plate.
  • Blade angles right or left.
  • Adjustable skid shoes are 1/2" thick and rotate for long life.

Landscape Rakes by Sundown


  • heavy cat. 1 A-frame
  • A.S. A. E. quick hitch compatible
  • 3" x 3" main beam
  • angle beam time frame
  • 5 forward & 5 reverse angle settings
  • maximum angle setting 45"
  • 5/16" x 1" heat treated, spring steel tines
  • 1" spacing between tines
  • adjustable tine stabilizer bars 

Rear Blades


• Industrial Tubing Frame

• Reinforced Formed Upper Frame

• Formed Self Cleaning Mold board

• Reversible High Carbon Heat Treated Steel Cutting Edges

• 5 Forward & 5 Reverse Settings

• Accommodates Category 1 Quick Hitch

SC-Series Widths 60 or 72 inches

SC-Series Height: 19.5 inches

C- & CH-Series Widths 84, 90, or 96 inches

C- & CH-Series Height: 26 inches

• Angling - 30̊ left & right

• Protective spring trip can be locked out for light grading.

• Bolt-on, replaceable edges.

• Optional skid-steer universal quick attach in lieu of clamp-on.

Smaller tractors are a perfect match for SC-Series Blades to fit compact tractors of 30 HP and under - clamp-on, universal quick attach, Euro hitch, or selected John Deere and Kubota quick attach mounts. These blades feature manual angling and are available in 60 in. or 72 in. widths. Both measure19.5" in overall height.

For larger compact tractors of 31 to 60 HP, the C-Series Blades are the correct fits - clamp-on, universal quick attach, or Euro Hitch. They come with manual angling in 84 in., 90 in. and 96 in. widths and measure 26 in. in overall height.

Hydraulic angling is featured on 84, 90 or 96 in. width CH-Series Universal Quick Attach blades for skid steers and larger loaders of 31 to 70 HP. They measure 84 in., 90 in. and 96 in. in width and 26 in. in overall height.

Tractor Blades and Rakes